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Monday, May 29, 2017

Feline hepatic lipidosis.

Feline hepatic lipidosis is a serious condition in cats especially overweight middle-aged ones. The prevalent precursor is rapid severe weight loss which could be as a result of prolonged inappetence or reduction in feed intake. When a cat refuses to eat for whatever reason,the body sends fat cells to liver to metabolize as energy but if this process is prolonged the large infiltration of fat into the liver results in feline hepatic lipidosis. The signs include dehydration,vomiting,jaundice,excessive drooling and lethargy and the treatment protocol is immediate nutritional support which is usually aggressive usually with aid of feeding tube until cats starts eating unaided.

How to turn organic waste to compost with maggots.

Organic waste can be turned into compost fast with maggots. The black soldier fly is a veritable eating machine at its larval stage.This insect would not do anyone any harm,but its larvae feed on rotting organic material such as food scraps or dung providing compost and feed for livestock. The insect can reduce any type of organic waste in a short space of time. A Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) in Frick is running a project that aims to employ the appetite of soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) in developing countries. It is being implemented in the greater metropolitan area of Accra, the capital city of Ghana. In big cities in tropical regions composting is poor just as in Accra.This leads to immense hygiene problems because organic waste makes up more than half of the total refuse in developing countries and on the other hand, it's also a waste of natural resources. This is because while the rapidly increasing population is dependent on productive agriculture, the soil is exhausted and not very fertile. The project aims at assisting farmers so that they can use the valuable compost in their fields, an additional goal of the project is to provide a further use for the maggots of the soldier fly as feed for fish farmers, who find it difficult to meet the Ghanaian population's appetite for fish.more

China managing food waste with maggots.

China managing food waste with maggots thus preserving the environment.Thousands of voracious white maggots wiggle frenetically while tearing through trayfuls of leftover meat, vegetables and fruits in an unusual farm in southwestern China. This may not be a pretty sight, but the gluttonous larvae could help China eat away something far uglier, the country's mountain of food waste. The individual larvae of black soldier flies, which are native to the Americas, can each eat double their weight of garbage every day, according to experts. The farm in Sichuan province then turns the bugs into a high-protein animal feed and their feces into an organic fertilizer. There's no shortage of food for the larvae as each person throws away almost 30 kilos of food per year in China, a nation of 1.4 billion people and On average, one kilo of maggots can eat two kilos of rubbish in about four hours. more

Corn-Tracking Robot May Save Us from Starving in the Future.

Corn-Tracking Robot May Save Us from Starving in the Future. Can robots help save us from food shortages that have been brought on by changes to global climate? It’s hard to say, but we are already slowly coming around to the idea of having robots in almost every corner of life: industrial robots in our factories, collaborative robots in our offices, and even delivery robots roaming around our streets. So the concept of robot-assisted agriculture — or at least robot-aided agricultural research — isn’t that far-fetched. more

Data as Agriculture’s New Currency.

Data as Agriculture’s New Currency. Government and private economists around the globe keep close tabs on estimates for the yields of internationally-traded crops such as corn, oats, soybean, rice and wheat. The US Department of Agriculture, for example, publishes monthly reports and forecasts that keep the markets up-to-date on the progress of these commodities throughout the season.As with all commodities, prices rise and fall with the global level of supply and demand. That makes accurate and timely information about crop supplies extremely valuable. Agricultural production data measure the supply of various agricultural commodities throughout the various stages of plant growth. Pre-planting estimates use the prior season’s harvest, field observations, and surveys to track what farmers intend to plant. more

Catfish farmers and feed regulation.

Catfish farmers and feed regulation. There is a report that catfish has been linked to bad fat raising health concerns about consumption. The the Council of Fellows, CoF, of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria, FISON, have said the recent reports on ‘the catfish bad fats’ is a myth and propaganda to hinder local production. The council admonished its members on the need to set standards of feeds in the industry. The body maintained that if there were standard of feed in the country, the issue of the catfish bad oil wouldn’t exist because it would have served as a regulatory mechanism in the industry. more

A baby walks just after birth.

A baby walks just after birth. The baby, born in a Brazilian hospital, is simply acting out a reflex that all babies are born with. In the video it can be seen walking on the spot while being held up by the arm of a midwife. In Portuguese, the woman is heard explaining that she has been trying to wash the baby but that it keeps hopping up and attempting to walk - just 20 minutes after exiting the womb. watch