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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cashing in on agribusiness to be a millionaire.

Investment opportunities in agriculture to smile to the bank.Agriculture contributes 6.5% to global GDP and in Nigeria, it contributes over 25% of our GDP. During the recession of 2016, Agriculture was one of the sectors or industries that experienced growth. There are numerous opportunities to invest in agriculture,but it’s advisable to pick an agribusiness idea to invest in which is a reflection of your passion so that you can give it all it takes to make it profitable .The Federal Government of Nigeria plans to inject $3.2 billion to the Bank of Agriculture in 2017 who in turn should give out loans to farmers and food processors,this is a jump-start for any agripreneur. Business unusual in agribusiness to cash in are as follows 1) Provision of information, farmers need information all the time. They need to know where to get the best seeds, where to buy the best feed ingredients,cost of various inputs and also groups and forum where information can be exchanged. Farmers need an information portal for all their farming and agribusiness needs. 2) sales of new technology, the world is now enlightened on nutrition with many people turning to organic farming to stay healthy. The introduction and provision of tools for organic farming will be a money spinner. The introduction of liquid organic fertilizer is a key component of this strive for foodsecurity and foodsafety. 3) Starting an HR farm for farmers. Staffing your farm can be a herculean task if you dont know who and where to turn to,but an agency that can provide farm hands,helps and drivers will be well rewarded. 4) Setting up a biogas plant. The waste generated from farms can be harnessed and converted to electricity alongside fertilizer and waste water which are nutrient laden that can be used to wet crops. This area is still green now because of lack of an organized sector,but if tapped into its a goldmine that will change the financial situation.Farmers need their farm waste to be removed,so if farmers are grouped according to different livestock ventures and zoned according to districts then waste generated per zone can be sent to a biogas plant and the area powered up by electricity. explore more