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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Method of crop selection to generate millions in agribusiness.

Crop selection is very vital for success in agribusiness ,your choice of crop is dependent on factors such as adaptability, soil, light, temperature and market. These factors are key but selection is not limited to them, environment ,proper farming knowledge of crop and topography also plays a role. These tips will guide on selection of crops and also expand the study scope of farming techniques; 1) soil dynamics :The first step is to test your soil and identify which crops you plan to grow. The soil test report will give recommendations based on your soil and crop needs,you should always base plant nutrition decisions on a current soil test. Fertilizer is expensive, and soil tests are relatively cheap and the only indicator of true nutrient needs. Matching crops to the existing limitations of your soils is a smart step. Soil texture, compaction, cation exchange capacity and organic matter content are just a few of the variables that can impact the crop. Planting crops that are well-suited to your soil characteristics gives you a better chance of success. Growers can have an impact on soil characteristics through cultivation practices, by adding amendments, using certain planting methods, or employing techniques to alter factors such as soil temperature, moisture retention or compaction. However, working with a soil that already meets most of a given crop’s needs increases the chances of success. Mineral nutrition issues can be difficult to remedy and can have a major impact on certain crops. For example, boron is toxic to beans, but prevents hollow heart in brassicas. So if a soil is high in boron, grow brassicas. 2)Adaptability; Different varieties of the same species can have different nutrient requirements. Select varieties that are suited to your soil’s fertility levels, soil type and local climatic conditions. Using adapted varieties allows for increased disease resistance, and fewer inputs will be needed to reap a bountiful, healthy crop in an economically profitable manner. Most of the crops have hybrid seeds that have been locally adapted to different conditions across the country. Whether you are doing open field farming or greenhouse farming, knowing the suitable variety is a necessary step towards a good harvest. continue