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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mothers in Argentina Illegally Grow Marijuana to help their kids.

Argentinian mothers of kids with severe diseases have banded together to illegally cultivate marijuana and fight for medical cannabis law reform. Despite their country’s prohibition of medical marijuana, a group of Argentine mothers are growing marijuana and producing cannabis oil illegally in an effort to help their children that have been diagnosed with diseases like epilepsy and autism. In a recent interview with VOA News, mother Valeria Salech explained that she’s given her 10-year-old son Emiliano cannabis oil since December 2015. The cannabis, she claimed, has helped to control his epileptic seizures. She said that just a few hours after administering the cannabis oil, Emiliano went from being in a catatonic state to making eye contact and smiling. Research has shown cannabis to be effective for reducing or even eliminating seizures. A 2015 study published in Epilepsy Behavior found CBD-enriched cannabis to reduce seizure frequency in 85 percent of children with epilepsy, with 14 percent reporting complete seizure freedom. Studies also indicate that marijuana can be beneficial for children with autism. A 2010 study found THC to reduce the hyperactivity, irritability, lethargy and inappropriate speech symptoms associated with condition. continue